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We may be able to eliminate your timeshare
contract legally and permanently!

Thousands of timeshare owners, just like you, have achieved their goal of eliminating all ownership obligations, mortgage payments, and maintenance fees by canceling their contract.

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Your Guide Is On Its Way! Please Check Your Mailbox.

Attorney Advocates of America Works With Timeshare Owners Like You To Eliminate Your Costly, Unwanted Timeshare(s), Legally And Permanently. We Protect Our Client’s Rights. Attorney Advocates of America’s proven, results-driven Timeshare Cancellation program will end your timeshare contract once and for all.

We help clients from coast to coast relive themselves of debt. We are a licensed debt relief law firm. We also specialize in contract law, the FDCPA statute and other regulatory statutes as it relates to real estate and timeshare sales.

We will first demand a production of all documents as allowed for under federal statute. Subsequent to our findings we will demand immediate release from your timeshare membership and help you get out of your contract completely legally, ethically, and easily. 

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